Martin Luther King Crafts

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with one of the craft ideas below. They are both great ways to teach your child that people may look different, but that we are all equals and should treat each other as such.

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You’ll Need

For The “We are Equal” Bracelet

* String
* Black and white beads
* red heart bead or cut out of cardboard.

For The Hands Of Many Colors Wreath

* Paper Plate
* Construction paper in all kinds of skin tones from light tan to bark brown
* Red bow


For The “We are Equal” Bracelet

Alternate string black and white beads on the bracelet along with the heart in the middle of the bracelet. Tie it around your child’s wrist. Make more bracelet for her to share with friends.

For The Hands Of Many Colors Wreath

Using your child’s hand as a template, trace handprints out of all the different colors of construction paper. Cut them out and let your child arrange them around the outer ring of the paper plate. Glue them to the plate to make a wreath. Glue the bow on the wreath and hang it up.

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