Making Sock Puppets

Sock Puppet

Sock Puppet

Make these simple sock puppets out of old socks and a few other supplies.

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You’ll Need

* Sock
* Glue
* Felt Scraps
* Yarn, Embroidery Floss etc.
* Wiggly Eyes


Put those old socks and those that have lost their mate to good use by turning them into sock puppets.

Put the sock on your hand and tuck in the tip of the sock (where your toes usually go) to form a mouth. Glue a piece of red or pink felt in as a tongue. Glue the wiggly eyes on the sock and add other felt scraps to make ears, tails, hair, even wings. Use yarn or embroidery floss as hair or whiskers.

You can turn your old sock into any type of animal or person, even creatures of your own. Don’t forget to put on a big sock puppet show afterwards.

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