Make A New Year’s Resolution With The Kids

By Susanne Myers

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As the year is coming to and end, many of sit down to ponder what we would like to change and improve in the coming year. In other words – it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Usually we don’t really start making resolutions until we are adults, but this can also be a very powerful concept you can share with your kids. This year, take some time to explain the idea of the New Year’s Resolution to your kids. Sit down with them, grab a pen and paper and help them formulate some resolutions of their own. You could also get everyone together and come up with some Family Resolution.

What kind of New Year’s Resolutions do you want to make with your kids, or as a family? Just about anything that will help you improve yourself would be a good idea. Here are some ideas to get you started.

New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

Find something together with your child that he or she can improve on over the coming year. Maybe it is spending more time practicing reading every night, or doing a better job keeping his or her room clean. A shy child could resolve to make more friends or take to a new person once a week.

Another great resolution would be to eat less candy or junk food. It will be much easier for your child if you put an actual number on it instead of a vague “let’s eat less candy”. Instead you could both decide that your child should only have two pieces of candy a day, or one junk food snack after school, but all other snacks have to be healthy options like a piece of fruit or a piece of cheese.

New Year’s Resolutions For Families

A great New Year’s resolution for the whole family would be to spend more quality time together. You could resolve to spend 30 minutes a night reading to the kids, or establish a game night once a week. Actually getting everyone around the dinner table every evening is another great resolution. For a little extra motivation on this watch this short, but heartwarming movie at

Now that you have decided on some New Year’s Resolutions, write them down and hang them up in a prominent place (like on the refrigerator door) to remind everyone on a daily basis to do their best to stick to the resolution.


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