Make a Jar of Bath Salts

Make this jar of bath salts as a gift or enjoy it yourself. You can make any type of bath salts, just use different essential oils to flavor it.

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You’ll Need

* glass jar
* spray paint
* sea shells
* ribbon
* craft glue
* Epson salt
* food coloring
* essential oil
* glycerin (optional)


Spray paint the lid of the jar. While the lid is drying, fill your jar with Epson salt and then divide into as many bowls as you would like colors in your finished jar. Use at least three colors.

Add a few drops of food coloring, scent and glycerin if you are using it to the salts and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Be patient, the food color will disperse.

Spoon salts into jar in layers, using the point of a pencil to push one color into another as you would in sand art.

When the lid is dry, glue shells to the top.

After the glue has set, screw the lid onto the jar and wrap the ribbon around the band, tying a bow in the front.

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