Magazine Beads

Make beautiful necklaces with these easy to make magazine beads. They are a great way to recycle all sorts of colorful magazines.

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You’ll Need

* Magazine Pages
* Scissors
* Glue Stick
* Straw

1. Cut triangles from your paper approximately 2 inches or less across the bottom and about 10 inches tall. Each triangle will make one bead. Cut as many as you need.

2. Place the triangle wrong side up on the table. Lay the straw along the wide end of the triangle.

3. Tightly roll the strip around the straw twice.

4. Put glue on the remainder of your triangular strip and continue to roll the paper evenly.

5. To finish the bead, glue down the narrow end and hold in place until the glue sets. Slip bead off of the straw and continue working steps 2-4 until you have as many beads as you want.

6. String beads on heavy thread, a shoe lace or wool. Tie ends together

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