Lunch Box Craft

Personalize a lunch box for or with your child with this easy lunch box craft. It’s easy to do and ads a fun personal touch to even the plainest lunch box.

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You’ll Need

* Pair of scissors
* Masking tape
* Poster board
* Acrylic paint (at least two colors)
* Plain plastic lunchbox
* Paintbrushes (and some paintbrush cleaner)

Note: It would be a good idea to wear an apron or some old clothes!


Draw a small bold design onto the poster board. You might choose an animal, shapes, characters – whatever you like.
Cut out the center of the design creating a stencil. Leave enough of a border around the stencil so that it can be taped into position on your lunchbox. Repeat this process until you have all the stencils you need for your design.
Tape all of the stencils in position on your lunchbox in whatever pattern you choose.
Now you can paint the stencils. Take a brush and choose a color. Dab paint through the stencils onto the lunchbox until evenly covered. Leave to dry then carefully lift the stencil off.
Take another color and using a small brush, paint your name along the center of the box or wherever you like. Make sure you space the letters out. Add some details (polka dots, stars, etc) to polish your design!

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