Leprechaun Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

This leprechaun craft makes a nice decoration in any window. The leprechaun’s hair is actual grass that you grow in the little pot that makes up his face.

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You’ll Need
* small terracotta pot
* matching saucer
* soil
* grass seeds
* green and black construction paper
* markers
* scissors


Put the soil in the terracotta cup and set the cup on the saucer. Add the grass seeds and gently mix them into the top layer of the soil. Water the grass seeds. As the grass grows, it will become the leprechaun’s hair.

Cut a leprechaun hat out of the green and black construction paper. Glue it on the outside of the pot.

Use markers to draw the leprechaun’s face on the terracotta pot. Cut two ears out of green construction paper and glue them on the sides of the pot.

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