Laundry Room Organization Tips

Get your cloth washed faster with these laundry room organization tips. After all, you want to spend as little time in there as possible. Staying organized in there will make the task at hand faster and easier.

There’s no fun in doing the laundry really, but it’s one of those things that has to be done. There may not be a way to ever make doing the laundry a pleasant task, but making sure your laundry room is organized will help you be more efficient and have it finished much sooner. There may be a bit of time where you’ll be getting used to your new laundry system but in the end you will see the benefits. When all the members of the family help out to get things going, soon there will be extra time for family fun.

If you have a schedule set up for when you do laundry, such as jeans on Saturday, whites on Wednesday, make sure your family does their part to pre-sort their laundry. A great way to organize is to have baskets of different colors and have them sort each item or color into the appropriate basket. Get everyone familiar where everything is kept, like the stain stick so when something has a stain it can be pre-treated right away with his or her help.

Store your detergent and fabric softener close to the washer and drier. A shelf will be a big help, and doesn’t take a lot of trouble to put up if you need to.

Using a calendar or dry-erase board to create a schedule for cleaning the vent areas of the drier is always a good idea, hang it where everyone can see it. A cleaver thinking mom we know took a picture of her dry clean only clothes like her husband’s best suit and her best blouse so that she had a permanent reminder attached to her board of items that she should never wash just in case they were missed in the sorting and came through the laundry pile.

Having a portable clothing rack in close vicinity to the drier is another helpful organizing tip. Have a supply of hangers ready to go on the rack so you can take clothes from the drier and hang then right onto the rack. This will save you time in ironing later.

Keep baskets or boxes in your laundry room to sort items of clothing that needs to be fixed, or clothes that you know are too small, or out of season. If you use special boxes for storing out of season clothes, when it’s time to switch, take them out on laundry day, and sort as you finish each load. If things are too small, box them up until you decide what to do with them.

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