Labeling Kids – Why You Should Avoid It

“Mom, Dad called me stupid!” your child tells you. This type labeling of kids can have long-term effects on the child. Even if it is said at the height of frustration or maybe because the parent is in a bad mood, there is no excuse for the consequence this action can produce. They’re not just words, they really do cause hurt. It is so important to understand why labeling a child in this manner can have terrible effects on the child’s self confidence and behaviors.

Children need our unconditional love, acceptance and respect, all the time. Negative reinforcement will only end up in negative behavior and results acted out through the child. When a child hears this type of labeling often, they can become emotionally damaged by the behavior of the parent. Children look up to their parents; thus, there is no justification, which motivates any parent in belittling a child. Giving the child negative attention in this manner can create many more problems then it will ever even begin to solve. The child may develop low self-esteem; increased erratic behavior; and affect their inter-relationship with siblings and peers.

It is nothing new that a parent can lose their calm and temper but it does not have to be focused on the child. A child may not understand why you are reacting this way and it can produce devastating effects. So many parents by-pass this part but it is imperative that they apologize immediately using phrasing and words that will make the child feel positive and have respect for your ability to be wrong. It is our duty as parents to be sure that our children know how much we love them, even when we are not happy, every day. The fear and disappointment the child feels must be addressed with an apology, and/or an explanation.

Disciplinary action of a child must never be accompanied by harsh words. If necessary, take a break and collect your thoughts. Think before you say anything further. Then have the child take a time out. Later, talk to the child about why the behavior was disciplined; then hug the child in a reassuring way. Let the child know you still love him or her. Words can impact a child’s life; positively and negatively. If you, as a parent, cannot control the emotional abuse; seek help. It is the very least you can do to ensure your child’s psychological state is not compromised in any way.

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