Koala Mask

Pretending to be an Australian Koala bear is lots of fun. We’ve recently been to the zoo and our daughter was just fascinated by these cute little bears. The following day we made a koala mask out of a paper plate so she could pretend to be a little Koala bear herself.

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You’ll Need

* Paper Plates
* Construction paper
* Scissors
* Markers
* String
* Glue


Start by looking at a few Koala bear pictures online. Point out to your child what the ears, nose and mouth of this fuzzy little creature look like. Then it’s time to make the actual mask.

Cut two circles out of the paper plate for your eyes. Decorate the paper plate with markers or crayons to make it look like a Koala bear. Cut shapes out of construction paper for ears, Using the scissors or a hole punch, make two small wholes in the sides of the plate. Attach string to each side of the plate by pulling it trough and making a knot. Use the string to tie the mask to your face.

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