How To Organize Your Kids Bathroom

Are you tired of toothpaste all over the sink, toys in the tub, and dirty clothes spread all over floor? Here are some great ideas on how to organize your kids bathroom.

The easiest way to keep your child’s bathroom clean and organized is to put a limit on the amount of things that can be put in there and make sure your child is taught to always put everything back where it belongs. When you make a decisions on what will be kept in the bathroom, then you’ll need a plan and a place to store everything.

A simple bucket is a great place to keep your child’s shampoo, bubble bath and other items for the bath and shower. You can have the bucket stored on a shelf or even have it sit on the back of the toilet. You can always find racks for your shampoo and soap that you can have attached to the wall with suction cups or it can hang from the shower head.

Kids have fun and are often encouraged by having toys to play with in the bathtub, but those same toys can be a challenge to keep organized and out of the way. Once storage solution for this is a mesh bag that can also be attached to the wall next to the tub. It will allow the toys to drip dry when you store them in it after a bath as well. You’ll need to keep them clean by soaking the mesh bag and the toys in a bleach water mix occasionally as they can get mildew on them from having water sit in them. You may want to limit the number of toys allowed in the bathroom as well if you have a limited amount of space. It’s a good idea to break the toys into smaller groups and store some away. Then when your child is bored with the bath toys he’s playing with you can bring out the stored toys and rotate.

If you need more space for your towels and facecloths, then some hooks attached to the back of the door or onto the wall will help. Assign each child their own area or hook to hang their stuff. Another idea is to have each child own a unique towel set in their favorite color or cartoon character. Then you’ll know who is taking the time to clean up after themselves and taking care of the things they own. Don’t have towels all over the place, limit the number so that they don’t take up so much room in the bathroom. Any extra towel sets can be stored somewhere outside the bathroom like the hall closed where they will not take up so much limited space.

There are cute toothbrush holders that help keep all the dental care equipment in one location. The newer toothpaste tubes and pumps make it a lot easier for little one to brush their teeth, and also come with less mess.

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