How To Make a Home Made Ant Farm

Making a ant farm with your child is a fun project. Here are instruction on how to make a home made ant farm.

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You’ll Need

* Large Glass Jar
* PVC Pipe
* Dirt
* Ants
* Brown Paper Bag


Cut a piece of PVC pipe to fit inside the glass jar, while still allowing you to close the jar. Find an ant hill and use a shovel to scoop ants and dirt and fill the jar.

Put your little home made ant farm into the brown paper bag for a week to encourage the ants to build their tunnels right along the side of the glass jar.

To feed your ants, drop some breadcrumbs and tiny pieces of fruit and vegetable in the jar. To provide your ants with water, drop a moist cotton ball in the jar.

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One Response to “How To Make a Home Made Ant Farm”

  1. Emma(PrInCeSs) on January 20th, 2009 9:27 am

    Thnx for telling me on how to make a ant farm it is heaps fun