Home Made Animal Party Favors

These animal party favors are quick and easy to make. You can prepare them for the kids ahead of time, or let them each make their own at the party and then just fill them with candy.

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You’ll Need:

* Pipe cleaners
* Toilet Paper Tubes
* Bag of Candy
* Yarn Scraps
* Glue
* Crepe Paper
* 1 1/2″ Plastic Foam Balls
* Craft Paint (to match crepe paper)


1. Put some small candies, or little toys in each of the cardboard toilet paper tubes. Wrap the entire tube in crepe paper to keep the candy from falling out.
2. Paint plastic foam balls and set them aside to dry. Egg Cartons work well as holders or stands for this.
3. Make ears, legs and tail out of pipe cleaners and glue them on the foam ball head.
4. Glue yarn scraps for eyes, whiskers, mouth and nose.

You can easily make cats, dogs, mice, horses and more. Once you get kids started on these, they will come up with all sorts of fun and imaginative creations.

You can also keep some markers, crayons and stickers handy to further decorate their animal party favor creations (and of course to write their name on them).

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