Hollow Egg Craft

Kids of all ages will enjoy making this hollow egg craft. It’s quick and easy to make and will be a great Easter decoration, or a fun way to present a light present.

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You’ll Need

* balloon
* tissue paper (different colors)
* glue
* old newspapers


Cover your child’s workarea with old newspapers for easy cleanup, then blow up a small balloon and tie it off.

Have your child tear pieces of different colors of tissue paper. Paste some glue on part of the balloon and have her glue the tissue paper to it. Cover the entire balloon in 3 to 4 layers of the thin paper.

Allow it to dry for several hours or even better overnight. The next morning pop the balloon. You can cut the egg in half or cut a small opening if you’d like to place a Easter card or a small gift in it. Or you can add a string and hang the hollow egg up as a decoration.

While the glue on this balloon craft dries, why not make a paper plate Easter Bunny craft.

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