Hawaiian Crafts For Kids

Who doesn’t love a luau. Now you can your kids can have one in your living room with these fun Hawaiian crafts for kids.

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You’ll Need

* String
* Packing Peanuts
* Blunt needle (large)
* Paint
* Green Tissue Paper


We will be making a lei and a Hawaiian skit to go along with it. Start by painting the packing peanuts in different colors. After the paint is dry, thread the large blunt needle with string (or yarn). Carefully push the needle through the packing peanuts, lining them all up to make your lei.

Tear the tissue paper in long strips and use string to tie the top of them together. Then tie it around your child’s waist as a skirt.

Now take out the broomstick for some limbo games.

How it’s time to play pirate.

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