Handkerchief Puppet

You can make these simple puppets from handkerchiefs and a few crafting supplies.

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You’ll Need

* Handkerchief or Fabric Square
* Cotton Balls
* Yarn
* Scissors
* Glue
* Fabric Scraps
* Felt Tip Markers


At the center of the fabric square place several cotton balls for the puppet’s head. Gather up the four corners and fasten yarn below the cotton ball, at its neck. Allow enough room so that when you place your hand in the puppet, one finger can poke up into the cotton ball to control the puppet’s head.

Use the scissors to cut out two small holes in each side of fabric, below the head, so you can use your thumb and second fingers for the arms.

Now allow the children decorate the puppet’s face and body using pens, yarn, fabric scraps and glue.

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