Ghost Hand Puppet

These spooky ghost hand puppets are quick and easy to make and then provide hours of pretend play fun for your child. This ghost hand puppet is a perfect activity while you wait for it to get dark out on Halloween.

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids
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You’ll Need

* White Paper Towel or Scrap of Fabric
* Black Marker
* White yarn


Ask your child to spread out the fingers on one hand and then move the three middle fingers together, but leave the thumb and pinky spread out. The three middle fingers will make up the ghost body, while the thumb and pinky will be the arms of the ghost.

Drape the paper towel over the child’s hand. Tie a piece of string around the three middle fingers, being careful not to make it too tight. Do the same around the thumb and pinky.

Use the black marker to draw the ghost’s eyes and a mouth and the puppet is ready for a spooky puppet show.
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