Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party. This year, throw a bash just for the little ones with these fun Christmas party ideas for kids.

Here are some ideas to throw the perfect Christmas party at home for your kids.

Prepare and Decorate for the Party
If you are using your basement or family room, add a small decorated tree. Even a tabletop tree or a construction paper tree on the wall will work.

Hang red and green streamers across the ceiling or from one end of a wall to another; and hang a “Merry Christmas” sign on the wall.

Set a table in the corner and place all Christmas paper products and tableware on it. (Christmas tablecloth, napkins, dishes, cups, and plastic flatware)

Before the guests arrive, get out your Christmas CDs and play them until the party is over.

Once the guests have arrived, you are ready for the party to begin.

Activities for your Party

• Play musical chairs, using jingle bells or any Christmas song for the music.
• Play charades. Kids are very animated, and would love this game. Choose Christmas-related words like: gift, Santa, elf, tree, Snowman, etc.
• Play pin the nose on Rudolph
• Play “Santa Says” – a fun Christmas version of “Simon Says” for kids.
• If any child can dance or sing, invite him/or her to give a performance.
• Have a sing-a-long to the Christmas music.
• Play “finish the Christmas story.” Have an adult begin a story about Santa or an Elf, and then ask each child to add a line or two. Once the story is concluded, the story can be printed out by another adult who has been writing down each line. Give each child a copy of the story, and have the kids sign the story as a keepsake.
• For the big finale, have an adult dress up as Santa Claus and hand out Christmas stockings to each child. Ensure the child’s name is on each stocking. Fill the stockings with goodies, such as: candy; small dolls; toys, or whatever is fitting, but inexpensive.
• Take pictures as Santa hands out the presents. Have several copies made for the kids so they will have a lasting memory of the party.

Whatever Christmas party ideas for kids you select, you can be sure that anything you do will not only be appreciated, but will give all the kids an opportunity to have a great time with their friends.

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