Frog Costumes For Children

Pretending to be a frog is even more fun with this frog costume for children. You can make it in a flash and add it to your child’s costume or dress up box.

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You’ll Need

* Green Baseball Cap
* Green Felt
* Red Felt
* Cardboard
* Scissors
* 2 Extra Large Wiggly Eyes
* Glue
* Green T-shirt


Cut two circles that are larger than the wiggly eyes out of the cardboard. Cover both sides with the green felt.

Glue one wiggly eye on each piece of felt covered cardboard. Glue these eyes to the front of the baseball cap up high.

Cut a red tongue out of felt and glue it to the underside of the bill of the cap. Make sure the tongue sticks out some.

Your child can dress in the green t-shirt and the frog cap and pretend to be a frog.

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