Free Snowman Craft Ideas

Give this cute free snowman craft idea a try with your young child. The snowman collage is a big hit and makes a great decoration for your kitchen or your child’s room.

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You’ll Need

*Sheet Of Construction Paper

*Cotton Balls


*Pen Or Pencil

*Small Black Pompoms

* Felt or construction paper in orange and black

* Brown marker or two small twigs


Draw two or three circles on the construction paper. This will be the body of your snowman craft. Spread the glue in a small area of one of the circles, and have your child add cotton balls to the area with glue in it.

Keep going until all two (or three) circles are covered in cotton balls. Glue the back pompoms on as eyes, mouth and buttons.

Cut a hat shape out of the black felt or construction paper. Cut a nose out of orange felt or paper and glue both to the snowman collage as well.

Use the brown marker to draw the snowman’s arms on the construction paper, or glue two small sticks on either side.

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