Flower Pot Wind Chime

These flower pot wind chimes made from small terracotta flower pots are a beautiful addition to any yard or porch.

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You’ll Need

* 3-4 Terracotta Flower Pots
* String
* 3-4 large wooden Beads
* Paint


Take three flower pots of descending size. If there isn’t already a hole in the bottom of them, drill one.

Next take a piece of string and thread it through the hole in the largest pot. Tie a knot large enough that the pot will sit on it when you hold the other end of the string. Then, below the knot you tied, thread on a wooden bead. Tie a knot below it, so that the bead is still inside the pot (so it can hit against it and make noise).

Do the same with the remaining pots. After the smallest pot, add another bead.

You can now either leave your wind chime as it is, or paint the individual pots.

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