Fire Truck Snacks

These tiny fire trucks made from graham crackers, cream cheese and some candy make for a preschool or kindergarten treat.

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You’ll Need

* A paper plate
* Graham crackers (1 1/2 per fire truck)
* Tiny Ritz crackers (for wheels)
* Stick pretzels
* Black licorice
* Softened cream cheese (or thick frosting)
* Red food coloring
* A red jellybean, a red Dots candy, a cherry, or a strawberry


Have an adult mix a few drops of food coloring to the cream cheese (or frosting). The children will use this edible “glue” to put their fire truck together.
Start with a whole graham cracker. Using the back of a spoon, spread some of the “glue” on one side of it.
Put half a graham cracker on top of the “glue.” This is the cab of the fire truck.
“Glue” a red jellybean, a red Dots candy, a cherry, or a strawberry on top of the cab. This is the fire truck’s red light.
“Glue” four of the tiny Ritz crackers to the sides – these are the wheels.
On the back of the truck, “glue” two pretzels parallel to each other. Then “glue” in broken pieces to make a tiny ladder.
“Glue” on a piece of licorice – this is the firehose.

You now have a tiny fire truck that is great for snack time!

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