Fast and Easy Kids Snacks

When the kids get back from school, they are ready for some food.
Here are some great suggestions for fast and easy kids snacks after

Remember how June Cleaver always had fresh cookies that just came out of the oven when Wally and Beaver arrived home from school? (If you don’t remember that, you might be able to catch some reruns of Leave it to Beaver on Nick at Night or TVLand!)

Anyway, who doesn’t like fresh cookies just out of the oven? However, even if you don’t fancy yourself a June Cleaver, you can still make easy afternoon snacks that your kids will love. By the time they get off the bus or walk in the door they’re so hungry they could eat dirt. You’re probably familiar with the well-known picture of your children standing in front of the refrigerator, door wide open, staring inside for something delightful to jump out.

Of course they’d probably love to grab an ice cream sandwich, instead of an apple; a bag of chips over a bag of rice cakes. Give them a snack that’s quick, nutritional and something they’ll want. Here are a few suggestions:

Freeze bite size chunks of fruit. Watermelon, pineapple and apple slices tossed into a bag and then into the freezer make a refreshing, crunchy snack. The trick is that you want to have something convenient. They’re hungry – you don’t (and neither do they) want to have to make something after school. Have it ready to pop into their mouth.

You can make a variety of kabobs. Adults usually like some meat chunks, with a little onion, green pepper and pineapple on their skewer, then onto the grill. Kids want something different. Marshmallows, cheese, grapes, apple wedges, pineapple, banana slices, pretzels, and slices of rolled up ham or turkey are choice ingredients to stack your kabobs. Have those waiting in the refrigerator when the kids get home and you’ll hear no whines of “There’s nothing to eeeeeeeeeat!”

If you’re totally at a loss for creativity, then use some fun bowls, plates or cups. Serve fresh fruit in a margarita glass. Put Goldfish crackers in a goldfish bowl and use a fish net to scoop out the yummy aquatic crackers. Use a new net, of course… not the one you use for Gill!

Imagine the look on your kids’ face when they come home to find an ice cream cone stuffed with Waldorf salad: Carrots, celery, apple, walnuts, and raisins with a touch of mayonnaise and lemon juice. You’ve heard that variety is the spice of life. Your kids will concur. You don’t want the same old – same old, and neither do they.

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