Family Christmas Traditions

What are your family Christmas traditions? We share some of ours here.

Do you have special Christmas traditions with your family? Whether handed down from generation to generation, or beginning anew, most everyone does.

It is Christmas morning. The stockings hung on the fireplace are filled with goodies, and the presents around the tree are beautifully wrapped. The children awake very early, sensing that something magical has occurred the night before. There is a flurry of activity as you hear them rush into your room and excitedly announce, “Santa was here! Santa was here!” The lights on the tree seem to guide them to it, and they look down at all of their presents with wide-eyed wonder. The Christmas tradition with your family has begun.

After all the presents are opened, and many pictures have been taken, mom prepares a special Christmas breakfast, just as her mom taught her. As dawn becomes day, the fresh fallen snow beckons the kids outdoors. Perhaps the kids want to test out their brand new red sled; or build a snowman with mom and dad.

Later, while mom prepares Christmas dinner, the kids are playing with their new toys.
Perhaps dad is helping put together a new jet plane, while a bright eyed girl is re-arranging the furniture in her new doll house yet again. Mom puts on her favorite Christmas CD, and the house is alive with laughter and music.

Grandma and Grandpa arrive to partake in an early Christmas dinner. Grandpa is playing with the kids and Grandma is in the kitchen helping mom prepare for the feast. Turkey, stuffing, yams, broccoli and cranberry sauce begin the menu, followed by a homemade cake with special chocolate frosting – a recipe handed down from great-grandma. Milk and home made cookies for the kids round out the meal.

It’s nearly six o’clock and time to head out for Church services. Everyone dresses in their Christmas finest. Celebrating Christmas is more than just giving presents, it is a time to rejoice.

Back home, they all gather in the living room and turn on the TV to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, but not before they are once again gathered around the table to have a light meal, and another piece of that delicious chocolate cake!

While your Christmas traditions may differ from the ones described above, the fact is that what has just been described is a traditional family Christmas. It is about being together, enjoying the holiday, and celebrating the birth of a child. Merry Christmas.

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