Exercise Program For A Child

You know how important it is for your child to get some exercise on a regular basis. Here are some fun ideas for you to get started with an exercise program for a child.

Looking for ways to encourage your child to be more active? Give one of these ideas a try!

Seek out local resources.
More than likely, your community has a host of opportunities that encourage children to be active. At community-sponsored recreation centers, you can find a variety of facilities that may include swimming, a fitness area, and/or gymnasium.

Many communities also offer a variety of classes and leagues for children of all ages. Sports offered in these classes or leagues may include soccer, gymnastics, or basketball, to name a few. These are fantastic opportunities for children to participate in several different sports throughout the year, regardless of ability level.

Try something new!
There’s nothing like trying something new and finding that you really enjoy it. The same is true for kids. Sports like yoga, kickboxing, rock climbing, or kayaking are a little less conventional, but just as fun! Check out the classes being offered through your community’s recreation department or ask friends about the activities their children participate in. You never know what will spark the interest of your child. You could browse through your local yellow pages to see what kinds of classes are available as well.

Take advantage of seasonal opportunities
There are opportunities abound if you take advantage of seasonal activities throughout the year. Here are a few suggestions:

Fall- Why not go on a nature walk to collect colorful leaves? You could also rake the leaves in your yard and play in them.

Winter – Give ice skating or skiing a try! Building a snowman in your front yard is also a terrific form of exercise that’s a lot of fun.

Spring – Flying a kite or spending some time gardening together is a great way to get outdoors.

Summer – Rollerblading, swimming, and bike riding are all popular options for children of all ages.

Each season offers some unique opportunities to get some fresh air, have fun, and be active!

Use household chores as a way of getting your child up and moving!

You could make a race out of cleaning up a specified area of your home (a bedroom, living room, etc.) Set a timer and see how long it takes for everything to be put away. Children are often excited to see if they can beat their previous time the next time around. Washing your car, yard work, or taking your dog for a walk are even more great ways to get some exercise.

The important thing is to get you child up and moving, and as you can see, there are a variety of ways to accomplish that!


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