Egg Shell Mosaic

All kids love to color eggs for Easter. But then you just peel them, and eat them and all those pretty colorful shells just get tossed out. Here is a fun little craft that’s perfect for right after the Easter Weekend – A Easter Egg Shell Mosaic.

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You’ll Need

* colored shells of Easter eggs
* glue
* construction paper
* old newspapers


As you peel your Easter eggs, save the colorful shells in a plastic bag or container. Cover your child’s workarea with old newspapers for easy cleanup, then lay out the construction paper (or any sturdy paper for that matter).

Have her paste glue on small parts of the paper and then add small pieces of colored egg shell to make a mosaic. You can also look at pictures of mosaics online first and decide on a design she’d like to make. Draw a fine outline in pencil and have her paste the egg mosaic pieces.

If you are still looking for a fun way to color your Easter eggs in the first place, try using this natural Easter egg dye.

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