Easy Valentine Craft

This easy Valentine Craft is quick and simple to make with very basic crafting supplies. When you’re done, hang it up or give it to a friend. Don’t forget to write a special Valentine’s message in it as well.

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You’ll Need

* Paper Plate
* Construction Paper in red, white and shades of pink
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Heart Cookie cutter
* Glue
* Markers


Use the heart-shaped cookie cutter (or any other heart template) to draw hearts on the different colors of construction paper with the pencil. Cut them out an arrange them on the rim of the paper plate.

Arrange the hearts in alternating colors, then glue them into place. After the glue is dried, use the marker to write a message inside this easy Valentine craft.

You can write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or a more personalized message if you are planning on giving this to someone else. It als0 makes a cute Valentine decoration.

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