Easter Egg Traditions From Around The World

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Easter eggs are part of the Easter tradition of many countries. Each country has their own patterns and colors when it comes to the famous Easter Egg.

Easter Egg Gifts from Around the World

The Easter Egg is a common symbol seen throughout the world as one celebrates the annual spring holiday, Easter. Egg decorating has evolved over the years in different countries, and is as varied as the cultures across the world.

Here is a look at some of the different decorating styles of these Easter gifts:

Russia – Perhaps the most famous decorated eggs of all are known as Faberge Eggs. They are named after the company that created them, and are exquisitely detailed jewelry designed in the shape of eggs. Faberge eggs, which are made from gold and precious stones, were originally created for the Russian Imperial Court.

Poland - The Polish pisankas are created by first dipping an egg in wax, and then carving it. The egg is typically dyed once the carving is finished. The Poles typically exchange the pisanka eggs as gifts between family members on Easter Saturday.

Ukraine – A process similar to Polish pisankas is used to make Ukrainian Easter eggs, known as pysanky. The most common design themes are geometric shapes like squares or diamonds. These eggs are also given as gifts, and it is common for the colors and designs to be tailored to the intended recipient. Receiving a pysanky as an Easter gift is a great honor in the Ukrainian culture, and the egg is often prominently displayed as art in the recipient’s home.

Greece – The Greeks commonly dye their eggs solid red. The red color is symbolic of the redeeming blood of Jesus, resurrected on Easter Sunday. One can easily make their own red eggs by boiling eggs in a solution of water, vinegar and red dye or red food coloring.

Germany and Austria – The Germans have two Easter egg traditions which help reflect their diverse history. In parts of Germany and Austria, green eggs are used, but they are exchanged on Maundy Thursday. Others parts of Germany decorate hollow eggs.

British Isles – The British decorate Easter eggs in many different colors and styles. What sets their tradition apart from others, however, is the Easter egg roll. The Easter egg roll is a contest is to see who can roll their egg down a hill and across the finish line without breaking their egg!

United States – Here, many traditions from cultures around the world are celebrated. This reflects the mixed heritage of U.S. citizens. The most famous Easter egg tradition in the United States is the White House Egg Roll that takes place in Washington D.C.. The tradition was originally started by First Lady Dolly Madison in the early 1800s, and has evolved since then. Every year, on Easter Monday, children participate in this symbolic contest on the lawn of the White House, which is overseen by the First Lady.

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