Dr. Phil Potty Training

Learn more about Dr. Phil potty training and how you can implement his strategies to potty train your child.

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Dr. Phil’s Guide to Potty Training

It’s no wonder why today’s parents are confused when it comes to potty training their children. If you simply take one trip down the baby aisle of your local store you will see potty chairs in every variety imaginable and at every price as well! There are miniature toilets that sit on the floor, padded potty chairs, potty seats that actually play music, and even potty chairs that attach to the toilet. Here is a step by step guide to Dr. Phil’s method.

Consider Before You Begin

Step 1: Teach a doll that wets
Your child will find it easier to learn to potty on his own if you start by teaching the doll how to go potty while the child watches. Have your child name the doll and give it something to drink as a way to get started. Then walk the doll to the potty chair with your child. Pull the doll’s big kid underwear down and watch the doll go potty. This will be a nice way to provoke the effort by your child.

Step 2: Throw a party for the doll
When the doll successfully goes to the bathroom, you and your child can throw a potty party! Turn it into a big blowout with party hats, cake etc and really try to celebrate. Give lots of attention to the doll so that your child understands that going potty is a good thing and gets excited about doing it. Now you will want to let your child know that when he goes potty, he will have a potty party too. It will help you if you try to learn who your child’s favorite hero is and let your child call his favorite superhero to report the good news when he or she does it.

Step 3: Throw out all diapers
At the beginning of the potty training process you should be able to remember placing underwear on your child’s doll. Now it’s time to take away the diapers and put underwear on your child too. You do not want to have them around because it will get you to use them whenever you are frustrated by your child’s progress.

Step 4: Drink lots of fluids
Give your child plenty of fluids to drink which will naturally bring about the need for your child to have to go. The sooner he has to go potty, the sooner you can begin potty training. Keep doing this in spaces so that you can get your child to work on holding it in.

Step 5: Take trips to the potty when the child has an accident
Ask your child if he needs to go potty. Your child might tell you that he doesn’t and that’s OK. Because you’ve given your child plenty of fluids, you know that he will soon need to go so just wait it out. If your child has an accident in his underpants, it is not the time to snap or yell at him. You want this to be a positive experience for your child so instead, take your child to the potty, pull his underwear down for him, and have your child sit down on the potty. Do this 10 times in a row. This builds muscle memory and your child will eventually go on his own.

Step 6: Don’t forget to celebrate!
When your child successfully goes potty without your help, don’t forget to throw him a potty party. The best part about this is that your child can now call his favorite superhero and tell the hero about what he just did! Get one of your friends to play the hero and take the phone call on your behalf. When your child has an accident, all you have to do is simply take him/her to the bathroom ten times in a row like you did before. This will help to continue to build muscle memory. Remember to keep up the positive reinforcement.

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