Cute Reindeer Christmas Craft

This cute reindeer Christmas craft is made with wine corks. What a great way to recycle those corks into cute little reindeer.

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You’ll Need

* 5 wine corks
* Glue
* Brown pipe cleaners
* Small black or red pompom
* Small wiggly eyes


Glue two of the wine corks back to back length-wise. This will be the body of your reindeer. The next cork will be the reindeers head. Glue it length-wise as well, but slightly offset on top of one of the sides of the reindeer body.

The last two corks will become the reindeers legs. Glue one vertically under each side of the reindeer. Your reindeer now looks like it has two legs.

After the glue had a chance to dry, draw a line in the middle of each of the leg corks to make them appear as two legs each.

Use a pen or large blunt needle to poke a whole in the top of head of the reindeer. Form antlers out of the brown pipe cleaners and poke them into the whole. Glue on the black or red pompom as a nose, then glue on two wiggly eyes.

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