Crayon Suncatcher

Use small crayon pieces to make this fun crayon suncatcher. It makes a coloful addition to any child’s room. Hang it in the window and watch it catch the sunrays.

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You’ll Need

* Crayons or crayon pieces in assorted colors
* Cheese Grater
* Newspaper
* Wax Paper
* Iron
* Scissors
* String or ribbon


Have an adult help shaving the crayons. Sprinkle shavings onto a sheet of waxed paper (cover area well). Place second sheet of waxed paper on top and cover with newspaper. Have an adult iron on low heat over the paper, melting the crayon shavings. Let cool completely. Then let the child trace or draw a shape and cut out. They can make a sun, diamond, several circles, etc. Have them punch a hole at the top of the shape and attach string or yarn. Hang to brighten up any window!

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