Corkboard Craft

A corkboard is a great tool to stay organized in the hectic first days of school. You and your child can pin up notes and reminders on this simple corkboard.

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You’ll Need

* Corks (from wine bottles)
* Thick cardboard
* Glue
* Sharp Knife
* Markers and Stickers to decorate


This craft requires a lot of help from an adult, especially to cut the cork. If you don’t have a bunch of wine bottle corks laying around, you could also use cork squares from the hardware store.

Cut out a square or rectangular piece of cardboard to the size you would like your corkboard to be.

Slice the cork into 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch thick slices. Glue the slices on the cardboard. You can cover the entire cardboard, leave a border to decorate or make fun shapes out the cork pieces (like flower or butterfly shapes).

Allow your corkboard to dry, then decorate with markers and stickers. All you need know is a couple of push pins and you’re ready to use the cork board.
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