Colored Sand Art Activities

You just got back from the beach with jars of sand your kids insisted on collecting. Now what? Simple! Color the sand and use it for colored sand art activities.

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You’ll Need

* Sand
* Food Coloring
* Paper Towels
* Baby Food Jar – empty and clean
* Glue
* Construction Paper


Start by making the colored sand. Divide the sand into batches and add a different color of food coloring to each. Mix them well, then spread them out on paper towels and allow the sand to dry completely before using it.

Pour the colored sand in different layers into the baby food jar (or any other jar for that matter) to create designs. Close the jar and display.

For another colored sand art activity, spread some glue on a sheet of construction paper, then make designs by pouring the colored sand on the glue. Allow to dry, then gently shake the paper to get rid of excess sand.

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