Christmas Tree Craft

Waiting all through December for Christmas can be quite hard for kids. If you are tired of hearing “Is it Christmas yet”, make this simple Christmas tree craft with your kids instead and help them keep track of the countdown to December 25th. Happy Holidays!

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You’ll Need

* Green Posterboard
* Construction Paper
* Markers Or Crayons
* Glue
* Scissors


Draw a basic Christmas tree shape on the green posterboard and cut it out. Draw 24 ornaments on the construction paper and cut those out as well. Write the numbers 1 – 24 on the ornaments. We like to make number 24 a bright yellow star that will go on top of the tree.

Starting December 1st add one ornament each day all through December 24th – Christmas Eve. Simply tape or glue it on the tree to decorate it.

This is a great way for kids to keep track of how much longer they will have to wait until Santa gets here. It’s a simple, crafty version of an advent calendar.

If you have several children, simply make the tree larger and make a set of 24 ornaments for each child. You can write your child’s initials or name on the back of each ornament.

We like to hang our Christmas Tree Calendar up in the kitchen.

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