Child’s Potty Chair

Picking your child’s potty chair is an important decision and part of the potty training process. Learn more about the different types of chairs and how to pick the one that’s right for your child.

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Picking the Right Potty Chair

It’s no wonder why today’s parents are confused when it comes to potty training their children. If you simply take one trip down the baby aisle of your local store you will see potty chairs in every variety imaginable and at every price as well! There are miniature toilets that sit on the floor, padded potty chairs, potty seats that actually play music, and even potty chairs that attach to the toilet. This can make it nearly impossible to pick the right one for you, so which one is right for your child? Let’s compare the most common types of potty training chairs which include:
Basic Potty Chair

The basic potty chairs are usual made of one piece of plastic and are designed to sit on the floor. It can be cleaned easily by dumping the contents into the toilet and rinsing the bottom which is convenient. Basic potty chairs are relatively cheap as well so it’s easier to keep one in several rooms of the house. It’s not fancy but it does its job.

Fancy Potty Chair

Potty training is supposed to be fun and exciting for your child. That is why you should choose a potty chair that will appeal to your child and encourage him or her to use it. Fancy potty chairs come in all sorts of styles and prices. Simple potty chairs, such as the Tinkle Toonz musical potty, uses positive reinforcement by playing a song when the child goes. The Tinkle Toonz is an effective potty training aid and costs less than $15 dollars as well. Other potty chairs, like the TotCo’ Toilet Training Potty Chair, look like mini toilets and even make real flushing sounds.

Toilet Hole Reducer

The toilet hole reducer does exactly what it sounds like it does. What it does is that it lowers the size of the toilet hole so that your child feels safe and secure when they are sitting on the adult toilet. Children, who learn to use the separate individual potty chair, are often afraid to transition to the adult toilet. That is why the toilet reducer is the best option here because it will help your child sit comfortable on the adult toilet, without the fear of falling in.

Many parents skip the individual potty chair that sits on the floor and start with a toilet hole reducer, such as the Flip-N-Flush or Primo’s Ducka. Just be sure and place a stool near the toilet so your child can put both feet on a flat surface and balance themselves properly. The best part about this is that you need not do any special cleaning.

All-In-One Potty Chair

Some potty chairs, such as the Freedom Potty, can be used as a potty chair that sits on the floor, then when your child is ready to transition to the toilet, the seat can be modified to act as a toilet hole reducer with a foot stool. It is like the basic potty chair with benefits as each part is easily detachable. It can be cleaned by dumping the contents into the toilet and rinsing the bottom.

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