Child Separation Anxiety

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Child separation anxiety can have an effect on the child as well as the adult but in very different ways. Children sometimes feel as though they may never see their mother again; while at the same time the mother feels a terrible feeling of guilt. Since pre-school is becoming more and more popular; it is no doubt becoming more common for this type of issue between mother and child. Let’s have a deeper look into child separation anxiety and get some ideas on how moms can deal with the fact that they will need to leave the baby at different points in their infancy.

It’s important that you, as the mom, make sure to keep your feelings of insecurities and guilt to yourself. The best way to help keep your child calm and reassured is to stay calm yourself. Ask your sister to come to your home to care for your infant frequently; this allows your baby to become familiar with another caretaker and feel safe. Use this same technique as your child grows older as well. You will see that your child quickly becomes accustomed to having your sister visit and baby-sit, and this will allow you time to get out and do your errands and the things you haven’t had the time to do.

You should also feel very comfortable with who’s watching your child because it’s a family member.

Something to remember is that no matter how many times it happens your child may never be happy to see you leave your home. It is important that your child knows that you are returning, and that you don’t just sneak out. Don’t give a specific time; children tend to focus too much on the clock and worry. Be sure to call your child often so that they can be assured of where you are. Some people may consider this too much, or going to far with coddling; but if it makes you more comfortable because your child is then that’s all you need to listen to. The conversation you have with the child is primarily for you. It is a way of acknowledging your feelings; a reassurance that everything is fine.

How did you feel when you were a child, try to remember back. What did your mom do or say for you that helped to ease the pain of child separation anxiety. Although times were different back; there may have been one or two occasions when she didn’t have a choice; having another baby, for example. Recognizing the symptoms of your own anxiety can help you to avoid imprinting it onto your child.


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