Child Craft Project Directions

Is your child having one of these “I am Bored” days? Why not make it a craft day and keep him or her occupied with some fun arts and crafts. Below you will find some great child craft project directions.

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Children’s Game and Craft Day

We Moms love to keep our kids busy doing different activities so we will not hear “I am bored Mom.” “What can I do?” What better way to keep them busy than with Free Games and Free Crafts. Moms are always on a budget, so this makes mommy happy and kids happy.

Outdoor games are also a real treat in a child’s eyes. Do you remember the yesteryears when we were always outside playing outdoor games such as Red Rover, Dodge Ball, Bean Bag Toss, Tater Sack Race. These are all great outdoor games and children today still love these unique games. Take time out on a sunny afternoon and play one of the yesteryear games which will not only make new memories in the children’s lives, but bring back some too.

Children crafts were another way mentioned above too keep children busy. The free children’s crafts are always big hits and get the children’s minds off of being bored and putting their imagination to work. Another plus is the supplies you usually have at home, so the money spent is usually none, making this a fun FREE children’s craft. Make a craft day and have fun with these quick craft ideas with your children.


1c. Cornstarch
2c. Salt Enough Water to Make a Thick Paste.

Stir while cooking, and cook until stiff. Allow this to cool, and cover with a damp cloth until ready to use. Coloring may be added before cooking or when molded; let dry, then paint with water color.

–HOW TO CARE FOR CLAY:– Clay can always be broken up, dampened, and used again – even afterit has been painted. When it has been used, but has not been allowed to become hard, poke holes in the clay with your finger or with a pencil, fill these with water (to restore the original dampness) and place in an airtight crock or in a galvanized pail with a tight cover. A damp cloth placed over the clay will help to keep it moist until the next time.

Chocolate Finger Paint

1 (4oz.) pkg. Instant Chocolate Pudding and Pie Filling
2c. Cold Milk.

Put pudding mix and milk in a medium size bow. Beat with electric mixer at low speed for two minutes. Let set until it thickens. Finger paint on white construction paper and let dry for several hours. Now it’s ready to hang up.

Silly Putty

1c. Elmer’s glue
2 1/2c. Liquid Starch Food Coloring.

In a medium bowl, mix glue and one cup of the starch together. Add a few drops of food coloring, if you wish. Cover bowl, and let it stand overnight. The next day slowly stir in with a spoon 1 to 1/2 cups of the starch until a big blob forms. Pour off extra starch. Store in an air tight container.

Soap Crayons

One ice cube tray Liquid food color
2 tbsp. hot water for each crayon
1 c. soap flakes
Small bowl

For each color, put two tablespoons of hot water and one cup of soap flakes into a bowl. Add as many drops of food color to the mixture as you wish. Stir the soap mixture until it thickens. This takes time, so be patient! Press spoonfuls of the first color of soap into the sections of the ice tray. Mix enough soap in the other colors to fill the ice tray, following the above directions again. Let the soap crayons dry for one or two days. Gently bang the ice tray to loosen the crayons. Pack them in a box for gift-giving. Great for birthday presents or holidays.

Homemade Playdough

2c. Flour
1c. Salt
1/4c. Salad Oil
3/4 – 1c. Water
Few drops of food coloring of your choice

Mix Flour, salt and oil. Then add food coloring to the water. Finally add water to flour, salt and oil. Knead until it no longer sticks to your hands. Baggies may be used to store playdough in so it doesn’t have to be divided every time it is used. Seal with plastic tie strings or coffee cans. If dough gets too hard or dries out, add more water. If dough gets too oil, add flour.

Easy Splash Place

Cut a rubber tire in half. You will have two containers now for children to play in with water. Add water toys.

Painted Toast

White Bread
Food Colors
Small Clean Brushes
Paper Cups

Divide small amounts of milk into paper cups and add a different color to each. Using the clean brushes, let the children paint on their bread. Teach them to paint gently so they don’t tear the bread. Do not let them get the bread too wet. Let them drop into toaster and see what happens when it pops up!

Squeeze Bottle Paint

2c. White Glue
1/2c. Dry Plaster of Paris
1c. Powdered Tempra

Mix together and add enough water to make consistency of toothpaste. Make consistency of toothpaste. Put into squeeze bottle. Use black squeeze paint to make outlines for “stained glass” effect. When dry, use water colors or markers to fill in when dry. Use white to make “spider web” pictures. Dry flat overnight.

Big Beautiful Bubbles

1c. Water
2tbsp. Liquid Detergent
1tbsp. Glycerine
1/2tsp. Sugar

Mix all ingredients. Let stand overnight in covered container. Stir. Blow big beautiful bubbles. HINTS: Joy dish detergent works well. Glycerine can be purchased in the cake decorating departments.

Cinnamon Ornaments

3/4 to 1c. Applesauce
12 oz. Bottle of Ground Cinnamon
Cookie Cutters

Mix applesauce and cinnamon to make stiff dough. Roll to 1/2 inch on cinnamon to prevent sticking. Cut shapes with cookie cutters. Make hole for hanging and place on cookie tray to dry for several days. Turn occasionally.

It only takes imagination on the children and parent’s part to make a fun day with minimal money spent. You will enjoy the laughs, the smiles and the wonderful eagerness in your child’s voice. Plan game and craft day at least a couple times a month

Jennifer Houck is the owner of, the Free Parenting Resource for busy moms. Find children activities and games to keep your child from being bored.


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