Caterpillar Crafts For Kids

These caterpillar crafts for kids are a great way to illustrate the transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

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You’ll Need

* Styrofoam Cup
* Plaster Of Paris
* Small Tree Branch
* Pipe Cleaners
* Fiber Fill
* Spanish Moss or Easter Grass


Mix the plaster of Paris and pour it into the Styrofoam cup. Stick the tree branch in before it sets. Let it dry overnight.

The kids can now add the spanish moss (dried of course) or the easter grass on top of the plaster in the cup.

Make some caterpillars out of the pipe cleaners and glue them on the tree. Then to show the cocoon stage, have the kids roll a small ball out of the fiberfill and glue it on the tree branches as well.

The final stage will be the finished butterfly. You can make it out of pipe cleaners as well, or use this simple preschool butterfly craft. The simple paper flower crafts for kids would be a nice addition as well.

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