When To Potty Train

August 22, 2008

One of the keys to successful potty training is to find out when to potty train. Get the cues from your child and your chances of him or her getting a hang of the “potty thing” quickly are much higher.

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When to Potty Train Your Child

It can be hard to figure out when it is the right time to potty train your child. It is really a decision that can only be made by the child. Today’s parents just don’t seem to want to take the time to wait for their child to be ready to potty train and instead force them into doing it early. This is a real problem that can cause all sorts of problems for the child if he or she isn’t ready to begin the process. Read more

Tip For Child Potty Training

August 22, 2008

The best tip for child potty training is to make sure your child is ready to cooperate with you when it comes to potty training. Your job will be a lot easier, if your child is as ready as you are to potty train.

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If your child has started potty training and is not taking the chance to go on the offensive about it on his/her own, you are going to have to help him to ease into it. there are some things that you can do, so here are some ideas to consider to help him make progress towards getting the process started:. You can start by asking yourself these questions:

* Am I the one who is reminding him/her to go potty or is he/she reminding me? Remember, that the ultimate goal is to have the child be responsible for doing all the work such as going to the toilet, going potty and then finishing the process.

* Are his/her pants big enough to make the training process a simple one or does he need my help to pull pants off? If the child needs your help, you must try loose-fitting pants.

* Have I confused him/her by being inconsistent with the rules?
basically if you have to help your child pull down his pants and at other times make him do it this could be a problem.

* Are you changing the order of things he should do and confusing the child? You have to be consistent with the steps of the process so there’s not confusion.

* Do you need to offer better rewards all of the time to reignite interest? If this sounds like you then it is possible that you need to change the rewards. For example, instead of treats, would your child like a chart that he/she can put stickers on to see how many times he goes to the bathroom?

* Maybe he would be motivated by getting a special treat if he is dry all day or all week just to keep the reward system fresh. Sometimes we stop giving rewards and the child loses their early motivation.

* If he is forgetting to run to the toilet, get the child to practice.
The way I like to do practices is a lot like sports in that if they look like they need to go potty or they have wet or pooped in their pants, take hold of him and help them run to the toilet.

If they already had an accident, clean up and get them cleaned up as quickly as possible.

A practice is where you take the child to the place where he/she had the accident and then offer some support and not a criticism to the child and ask them to show you how to use the potty.

Next you will help them run quickly to the toilet, pull their pants down and get on the toilet. Then you have to remember to congratulate them. The key to this is for you to make it fun so they are encouraged that they can actually do it. Sometimes, it may seem like a punishment to the child. If this is the case, then it should only occur once or twice. You are going to have to do some practices at neutral times as well, when they are not thinking about going potty, so that they’ll learn how to shift from what they’re doing to quickly and make it to the toilet. That is why you have to make it fun, have a race, and include the entire family and then everyone can get the rewards together.

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Pre-Potty Training

August 22, 2008

The first step toward successful potty training is pre-potty training. Don’t skip this all-important step to getting your child ready to ditch the diapers.

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Learn How To Pre-Potty Train Your Child

When I first tried to teach my daughter to potty train, I put her in “panties” and thought she would know what to do. Of course, I knew very little about the subject than I eventually learned some time to learn how to teach her to go potty. Then we would start over.

It is important that no matter what, you keep potty training, and like anything else, keep things in perspective. You may make some or many errors but it will eventually work itself out. As a parent it is very important that you try to keep your sense of humor when potty training your child. It is also very helpful that mom, dad and any siblings are in on the process of training. You can keep things upbeat by thinking no more diapers, no more diapers and try to stick to that except at night when it is not an option. By relaxing a bit, you can make potty training a fun time.

There is a lot that can be accomplished in the pre-training time that really helps make the actual potty training time much more effective. First of all, potty training is one thing, but it is often the pre-potty training steps that will decide if it will be successful or not. If you are wondering what pre-potty training is, it is looking for and recognizing the signs that tell you that your child is ready for training and these signs include:

1. Ability to hold urine for long periods of time.

2. Ability to follow 1-2 directions at a time.

3. Knows when urination or bowels movements are about to start.

When your child begins to show these signs, that’s when you know that it is time to begin having practice sessions pulling up their pants whenever they get dressed and undressed. It is going to take a lot of time, but it is important that they learn how to pull up their pants by themselves. You are going to have to try to help build some positive form of excitement in your child. You are going to want to be encouraging about potty training if you want your child to be excited too.

You will also have to start to develop your plan for the training process. There are several different opinions of how to potty train. However, it is important that you choose your method to make sure that it is the method that is most effective for you, your child and your family. There is the potty train in less than a day method that Dr. Phil offers. This can work well but it is very intense and can be overwhelming for parents who are young or for those who do not have the right patience. You have to think of your personality as well as your child’s, and then choose your method.

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