Paper Cup Heads With Grass Hair

February 26, 2009

If your child still insists that they want to make mud pies, let them. Have them draw a face on a Styrofoam cup or decorate it in some other way. Add small rocks and then let them put potting soil into the cup. Sprinkle grass seeds onto the soil and cover it with another small amount of soil. Let them water their person and then place it in a sunny window. When the grass grows it looks like the person has green hair.

Make A Virtual Or Real Gingerbread House

December 17, 2008

I have two cute activites for you today that will make waiting for Santa a little easier for the kids. They are both gingerbread houses. One real one and one virtual one.

Let’s start with the real thing. My friends over at Menu Planning have put together a cute document on how to make a ginger bread house. It includes step by step instructions and photos. Keep in mind that it will take you several days to complete the whole thing, so you may want to start on it within the next day or so. The result is so yummy and cute though, it will be well worth the time and effort you and your kids put into it.

How To Make A Gingerbread House (PDF)

If you don’t feel quite that ambitious, but still want the kids to decorate a gingerbread house, check out this website. The kids will drag and drop candies onto a cute little house to turn it into a complete gingerbread landscape. Here’s a screenshot of one my daughter and I made last night. We had a lot of fun and there was no mess to clean up after :)

Happy Holidays!

Wheat Paste Recipe

August 22, 2008

Did you know you can make your own non-toxic paste? This wheat paste recipe is perfect for any pasting project with your preschooler.

You’ll Need

* 1/3 cup of wheat flour (not self-rising)
* 2 tbsp of sugar
* 1 cup water
* 1/4 tbsp oil of cinnamon


Combine the flour and sugar. Mix well. Add them to a pot over low heat. Slowly add the water, stirring continuously. Work out any lumps. Cook it over low heat, Read more

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