Paper Cup Heads With Grass Hair

February 26, 2009

If your child still insists that they want to make mud pies, let them. Have them draw a face on a Styrofoam cup or decorate it in some other way. Add small rocks and then let them put potting soil into the cup. Sprinkle grass seeds onto the soil and cover it with another small amount of soil. Let them water their person and then place it in a sunny window. When the grass grows it looks like the person has green hair.

Make Your Own Windsock

February 25, 2009

Children love to watch the wind blow. If they make a windsock out of toilet paper rolls, they’ll enjoy it even more. Let them paint an empty toilet paper roll or cover it with paper. When it’s dry, they can decorate it with markers, stickers, sequins, glitter, or whatever they want. Punch four or five holes in one end of the roll and then put either yarn, streamers, or ribbon through the holes and tie them off. On the other end, punch two holes opposite each other and thread a long piece of yarn and tie it off to create how the windsock hangs.

Flower Stamp Craft

February 24, 2009

This is an easy craft for your child. Gather live flowers or buy artificial ones to do this craft. Get construction paper, gather your flowers, and squirt some finger paint on a paper plate. Let them dip the flowers in the paint and then place them to create pictures on the paper. Use markers or paper to create stems.

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