Car Travel Children Tips

Sitting still in the car for hours isn’t an easy thing for
a child. If you are going on a road trip, here are some
great car travel with children tips

Are we there yet? Road trips with kids are definitely one of life’s experiences. If you’re traveling by road this summer with a car full of kids or even one, these tips will help you keep the kids entertained while helping you keep your sanity in the process.

Make Comfort a Priority – Again, making your kids comfortable should be on top of your checklist for road travel. Take along travel blankets and pillows. If the weather is hot place a light shade on the windows to avoid the bright sunlight. If it’s cold out make sure your kids have plenty of layers on and don’t forget their favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear.

Pack Their Favorites – Let each child pack a little back pack with their favorite toys, books or even snacks. It’s exciting for them to pack their own special bag and it’s nice for them to have their favorite things close at hand. This also helps you avoid them wanting to bring along their whole room. The rule is if it fits in their bags they can bring it, if it doesn’t then it has to stay.

Make Plenty of Stops – If you are going to drive for several hours, remember children don’t have the same patience as adults, so make sure you take plenty of rest breaks along the way. You can stop at rest stations but also playgrounds or parks, where you can all stretch, or alternatively visit a fast food restaurant which has a separate play area for the kids.

Once you’re finished, grab a few healthy snacks and make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom before leaving.

Invest in Travel Games – There are a range of classic board games like monopoly in smaller versions specifically for travel. Cards are also another great travel game and of course handheld electronic games (make sure you have one for each child to avoid arguments) will keep them amused for hours, and may even induce them to sleep.

Apart from games, you can take along art supplies like coloring pencils, coloring books, drawing sheets, crayons, and markers to draw and paint the different scenes along the way. You can even ask them to write and describe each scenery or make up a story or poem.

Listen to their favorite songs. Get a pack of several CDs and, let each kid take turns playing their favorite songs. Who knows they may even enjoy singing along.

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