Butterfly Craft – Preschool

This cute paper butterfly makes a great craft for any child in preschool. You can easily turn it into a butterfly magnet or use it as decoration on a gift.

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You’ll Need

* Leftover Wrapping Paper
* Scissors
* Chenille Stem
* Clothes Pin


Cut two pieces from the Wrapping paper. One should be a large square, the other a rectangle as wide as the square with rounded edges. Exact measurements don’t matter. The wingspan of your butterfly will be as wide as you cut the square.

Fold both pieces of paper fan-style (starting with the long side of the rectangle in front of you for the piece with the rounded edges).

The square will be your bottom wing, the rectangle your top wing.

Use the clothes pin to hold the fan folded pieces of paper.

Fold the chenille stem in half. The folded part will be the tail of your butterfly. Twist it a few times to create the bottom body of the butterfly. Add the bottom part of the wing and twist the stem once or twice to hold it in place. Repeat with the top wing. Twist the stem a few more times to create the head of your butterfly. Use the rest of the chenille stem to create your butterfly’s antennae.

Make a few more of these fun butterflies to create a butterfly mobile.

Hint – instead of wrapping paper you can also use colorful magazine and catalog pages.

You may also enjoy this balancing butterfly craft.

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