Bee Craft For Kids

This cute bee craft for kids is fast and easy to make. It makes a cute decoration or even a great gift for the child to give.

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You’ll Need

* Toilet paper roll
* Black and Yellow Construction Paper
* Scissors
* Glue
* 2 Black pipe cleaners
* Black Marker
* White or Yellow Tissue Paper


Start by cutting the construction paper into 1 inch wide strips about the length of the paper. Let your child glue the paper strips around the toilet paper roll, alternating black and yellow.

Glue the pipe cleaners on the face end as antennae and use the black marker to draw your bee’s eyes.

Take two pieces of tissue paper and crumble them together on one end, leaving them fanned out on the other side to form wings. Glue the wings on the back of the bee.

If you would like to hang the bee from the ceiling, tie some string round her waist.

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