Balancing Butterfly Craft

This balancing balancing butterfly is a fun afternoon craft project that requires just a handful of supplies that you probably have in the house already. The finished butterfly will balance on the tip of a pencil or pen.

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You’ll Need

* Empty Cereal Box
* 2 small coins (pennies or dimes)
* Toothpick
* Glue
* Markers


Draw the shape of a butterfly on a piece of card (make sure that the wing tips at the nose end are big enough to mount the coins on and that coins position will be well below the nose. This is what lowers the center of gravity and enables the butterfly to balance. Also make sure the picture is symmetrical so that it has equal balance).

Once your shape is drawn place the card on top of another piece and cut out the shape so that you have two identical butterfly shapes.

Glue or tape the coins in place.

Glue or tape the tooth pick on so that the point is just protruding from the nose of the butterfly.

Glue the other butterfly shaped card on top to hide the balancing coins and cocktail stick.

Color and decorate you butterfly.

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