Alphabet Soup Craft

A fun alphabet craft that uses cereal letters and a paper plate to recreate a bowl of alphabet soup. Encourage your child to spell out words with the cereal letters. Most of all, make sure both of you have a lot of fun with this easy alphabet craft.

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You’ll Need

* Paper plate
* Paint or Marker
* Alphabet Cereal
* Glue


Color the outer ring of the paper plate any color you’d like. This will be your bowl. After the paint dries, you can even use markers to draw a fancy design on your bowl. Leave the center white, this will be the broth (you can also color it light yellow for broth, or red for tomato soup if you’d like).

Make sure the paint is dry, then glue the letters from your cereal on the plate. You could write everyone’s name in your family, or your favorite things in cereal letter. Play around and have fun with this. Once you figured out exactly what you want to spell / write in cereal, glue the cereal pieces in place on the plate. After the glue dries, you can hang up your new piece of alphabet art. Of course you don’t have to stop at just one plate / bowl. You could write a personalized message for each family member or friend with these cereal alphabet letters.

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