Alphabet Book Craft

Create your very own alphabet book with just a handful of supplies that you probably already have around the house. This simple book not only teaches your child the alphabet in a very hands-on matter, but will also become a keepsake that both of you will treasure for years to come.

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You’ll Need

* Paper
* Stapler
* Crayons or Markers
* Magazines
* Glue


This project can be as hard or as simple as you want it! The idea is to create your own alphabet book. Each page will feature a different letter of the alphabet. You can start with A and go in order all the way to Z. Or you could pick letters in no particular order.

First, write a different letter on different pieces of paper. Once all your pages have letters, page through magazines and find pictures of objects that start with that letter. Cut out the pictures and glue them onto the correct pages, turning each of them into a collage about that particular letter. Label each picture if you like. You could even write a little story for each letter.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

A – apple, ant, astronaut

B – bee, big, brother, bread

C – cat, cake, catch, cold

Once all glue has dried on your pages, you can put the pages of the alphabet book in the proper order and staple it together. Don’t forget to make a cover for your alphabet book.

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