Advent Calendar

When I was a kid, my Mom would always make an advent calendar for me and my sister. We just loved being able to open a small present every morning in December. It certainly helped pass the time waiting for Christmas day. The presents were tiny treats, like a piece of candy, a new pencil or eraser, a couple of crayons etc. The appeal was in the element of surprise these little wrapped presents provided.

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You’ll Need

* 24 small treats or presents
* Scraps of wrapping paper
* Tape
* Scissors
* Markers
* String or Ribbon (optional)


Start out by getting 24 small treats or presents for your child. This doesn’t have to be much – it’s more the element of surprise because we will wrap the presents that make an advent calendar fun.

Here are some ideas for the treats:

* individual pieces of candy
* a new pen or pencil
* a couple of crayons
* a quarter
* dollar store toys
* marbles or jacks

Once you start looking, it will be easy to come up with 24 small gifts. Wrap each gift individually. Write the numbers 1 – 24 on the gifts. You can set the gifts out on the counter, put them in a small basket, or string some string or ribbon across a wall and tie each present on it.

Every morning starting December 1st, your child gets to open one of the little presents.

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